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Specializing in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Placements

Our Clients are critical to our success.

Since the recruiters at Crown Kemble have previous industry experience, the question we ask before agreeing to work with our new and existing clients is, "if I were to leave Crown Kemble to go back into the industry, would I want to work for this client?"

Crown Kemble Associates' clients include the biotech and specialty divisions of large pharmaceutical companies as well as emerging ventures in biotechnology. Our clients have entrusted us with projects ranging from individual territory staffing to the creation of sales forces. In all cases, Crown Kemble Associates projects a highly professional image of your organization to potential candidates, creating long term relationships between employee and employer.

Crown Kemble has always gone above and beyond. We are committed to submitting candidates who are thoroughly screened, knowledgeable about the company they are seeking a position with and exemplify high standards and ethics.

Our areas of expertise: